Benefits of Permanent Make-Up

There are many advantages to having permanent makeup:

  • Saves hours on daily makeup applications
  • Smudge-free; no more black eyes
  • Will not sweat or wash off
  • Natural and professional look
  • Adds definition to the face

Ideal for Anyone

Ideal for young adults or aging seniors, male or female, who want professionally shaped, eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, and more:

  • Busy women on the go: permanent makeup makes getting ready easier.
  • Athletes who frequently sweat: permanent makeup never washes off.
  • Women who wear heavy makeup: permanent makeup can act as a base and still look good without cosmetics.
  • Anyone with thin/uneven brows, eyes or lips: permanent makeup can enhance and reshape these features for a beautiful and youthful appearance.
  • Men and women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia: permanent makeup can simulate hair strokes on the scalp and eyebrows.
  • Disabled/unable to apply makeup correctly: permanent makeup provides convenience for those who are non-artistic or disabled.
  • Anyone with poor eyesight/shaky hands: permanent makeup looks perfect all day long.
  • Anyone who have allergies to conventional cosmetics: permanent makeup rarely causes allergic reactions.