Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Permanent Makeup Technician!  For more information, please feel free to contact our office at (424) 832-7323, or fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Courses Available

Technician I Course $2200

Beginners learn all that’s needed to start a career in the profitable industry of permanent makeup. With hands-on practice on live models and practice skin, you’ll learn guidelines for safety and sanitization, effective anesthetic techniques, intricacies of eyebrow shaping and coloring, finer points of eyeliner application, utilization of color to solve lip shape problems, color theory and pigment usage, color mixing, camouflaging and skin tone interpretation, mistake correction, and more. Permanent Makeup Machine Kit included with tuition. Certificate awarded upon completion of the course and passing the final exam.

Technician II Course/Workshop $2500

Now that you know the basics of Permanent Makeup, Take your skills to the next level in Inspire’s Advanced Workshop. Learn advanced techniques that reduce procedure time while increasing customer satisfaction. Master the art of camouflage, full-lip coloration, eyebrow hair strokes, and more. A course certificate is awarded upon completion of the workshop.

Micro-Blading, Umbre, Lip watercolor Course $2500

Become an eyebrow perfectionist. Learn how to create symmetrically stunning eyebrows with both pencil and stencil by using techniques that ensure correct brow shape, weight, and position. Gain an understanding of hair stroke tempering and get the secrets of creating lifelike brows with Micro-blade needles. This course also includes learning the proper application of analgesics, and getting hands-on experience with our 5-brow practice skin and live models. A course certificate is awarded upon your completion of the course and passing the final exam.

Eyelash Extension Workshop $1500

Learn to create dramatic or natural-looking long lashes in the half-day eyelash extension workshop. Step-by-step demonstration and hands-on application will prepare you for giving all your clients the star treatment. A Lash Extension Kit is included in the workshop fee.

Threading Hair Removal workshop $500

Threading is a true art that has been passed down through the generations and isn’t something you learn at most schools to become a cosmetologist or esthetician.  It’s an ancient way to remove hair that sprung from Egypt and the Persian Empire. For reasons you’ll learn about the pro’s and con’s of Threading. It’s becoming very popular on the west side of the globe as the go-to method of getting rid of unwanted fuzz.  course will show you the proper way to remove facial hair by using a special technique that will prevent premature wrinkles to your clients face and will remove the facial hair for up to 6 weeks.

 Apprenticeship $3000

Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction in which Technicians will learn the practical and theoretical aspects of Permanent Makeup Services. Apprenticeship program runs for 8 weeks with one on one assist.

**** Special pricing is available on Permanent makeup courses for those who take more than 2 class and even further discounts if a friend attends courses with you****